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Spring cleaning season is upon us, and that can feel overwhelming. Whether you are preparing your home to sell, or starting your spring cleaning, break the process into smaller steps to make progress faster. 

Each year during spring cleaning we renew our love for our home – and our commitment to keeping it beautiful – by eliminating clutter. Clutter happens when items don't have a "home" to return to – a bowl for your keys, a bookshelf for your magazines, a hamper for your dirty clothes. Walk through each room and gather all the items that you know belong somewhere else, make a home for them and put them there.

Organize excess items into four groups: keep, recycle, donate or toss. Keeping your home clutter-free – and sticking to an organizational system – allows you more livable space, renews your sense of accomplishment, and ultimately means there is less to clean going forward. 

Next, freshen up your space with a good cleaning and repair assessment. Clean the areas we all forget about like baseboards, vents and ceiling fans. Don't forget both the inside and outside of your windows and window sills. Sunny rooms are definitely a plus if you're selling your home. 

If your windows have water damage, now is the time to get that repaired and repainted. Then think about adding new shades or curtains to enhance them. And bring the springtime outdoors in with a new potted plant or two.

Take spring cleaning a step further by replacing worn out parts of your home. Add a new coat of paint to a room, or just paint one wall, a ceiling or a door in a bright color. Or rearrange the furniture in a room for a fresh look, and replace throw pillows or pictures. You might be pleasantly surprised to see your room from a new perspective with the same items.

Window replacement, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades garner high returns when selling your home. Replace faucets, hardware, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Add energy efficient new appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. 

Projects that are focused on modern style and energy efficiency are the remodeling projects to put on your to-do list this spring. Remodel your deck, your front door, your garage doors and your siding to get the best ROI when you're ready to sell.

Renew, repair, replace or remodel as part of your home's annual spring cleaning, and you'll not only maximize your home's value and your profit when you sell, you'll benefit right now from your efforts. You won't need to necessarily tear down walls or floors to freshen up your space this spring. You can make simple changes here and there and feel good about spring cleaning this year.

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