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Summertime is finally here. If you made it thru Snowmaggedon with your pool pump intact, take some time to spruce up your swimming pool to make this the best backyard summer your family's ever had. 

After last year, swimming pools have become a must-have item for homeowners. Having an inground pool in your backyard used to add an average of $22,000 to a house – this year a house with a pool in DFW could sell for $30,000 more. So, if you are one of these lucky swimming pool owners, here's your chance to make a big splash this summer AND increase the value of your home by making that pool shine.

Think about your pool wish list. What would make your pool "extra" summery? You could add a pool heater or chiller which would regulate the temperature of the water. This will lengthen the swimming season for you and make you the envy of the neighborhood when you are still swimming in October.

You can also spiff up your pool by adding:
  • Accessories like diving boards, volleyball nets and slides
  • More reasons to be outside with new floats, floating lights and outdoor speakers
  • Style with new finishes like ceramic tile and stone pavers 
  • Accessibility with additions like railings on the stairs or wider step ladders 
  • Safety features like a pool cover or an updated privacy fence
  • Durability and longevity by having your pool resurfaced or retiled
  • Beauty and ambiance to your pool area with landscaping or a water feature
Once you have a vision for your upgraded pool and install all the extras, you'll be set to dive in and enjoy the Texas summer – on your new pool floatie with an umbrella drink in hand of course!

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