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spring cleaning

Our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Don't let spring cleaning intimidate you this year. Tell it who's boss. And that's you!

First, assess what you don't need around your house anymore and get rid of it. Springtime is the perfect time to declutter. You'll feel lighter, and less clutter will make your home seem bigger. Bonus? Less to clean! Then, start with the basics like vacuuming floors, dusting wooden furniture, and wiping down high-use kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Those are the must-dos. And instead of trying to do all of this at once, just tackle one room a day to make it a manageable task. When you break cleaning into 15-minute chunks, it's never overwhelming.

Once you've gotten the basic clean done, then move on to details like these:


Spring cleaning extras inside:

  • Clean all your windows and window frames, blinds, curtains, and shades included.
  • Wipe down baseboards, crown molding, and vents.
  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture (find some spare change in the sofa!).
  • Switch out your closets – winter clothes for warm weather ones – and arrange neatly by type and color for easier access.
  • Give often-neglected nooks like closets, kitchen cabinet shelves, ceiling corners, attic floors, and basements a simple once-over.


Spring cleaning extras outside:

  • Don't forget to clean all your windows on the outside of your house too.
  • Power wash sidewalks, driveway, and walkways as well as siding, bricks, and stone. This is a task we're sure your kids will have fun helping you accomplish.
  • Clean up your flower beds and add a light layer of mulch along with new plants.
  • Sweep up your porch, patio, and any outdoor living spaces. Remember, they are rooms in your house too!
  • While you're spring cleaning, don't forget your car. Wash and wax, and thoroughly clean the inside as well.


More tips for making your home and your belongings feel new again:

  • To bring spring inside: Add cut flowers to your dining room table.
  • For less cluttered bookshelves: rearrange your books and group them by color.
  • To add a touch of the latest color trend: Simply replace your sofa pillows, or your bed throw pillow with new ones.
  • Easy room re-do: Move your pictures around, or repaint the frames.
  • Add colorful flowers in containers to your front porch area


It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning your house top to bottom. But, freshening up for spring around your house, might only take a little effort here and there if you break everything into little tasks. Get the help of your family members, and sooner than later, you'll make your home feel new like spring — inside and out.


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